Tangata whenua have started to sack the foreign crown courts

As the true history of the nation surfaces into common consciousness we will see more of what happened in Hawera District Court yesterday: the corporate imposters pretending to hold lawful courts in our land will be challenged and exposed.
crown court abandoned

In this example Kaitiaki (guardians) had allegedly removed Shell Todd Oil Service’s seismic survey pegs used as a forerunner to exploitation of our natural resources. Under Tikanga whanau/hapu the locals would be lawfully empowered to choose what to allow in their own territory. Under the TPPA foreign corportions will dictate exploitation or sue for phantom lost profits.

It is a natural next step as people realise that it is their duty to be guardians (kaitiaki) to the land for future generations. This system is designed to steal from, exploit all and usurp the people of the land.

The crown courts divide and conquer, target and silence, distract and weaken popular movements. The system has always put in place false courts of justice to quell the population and remove problematic leaders. Many revolutions have started with the sacking of foreign / puppet ran court houses.

The crown is using admiralty law which requires our consent (even if unknowing) to give them jurisdiction. More people are refusing to accept the crowns presumptions and require evidence of legitimacy. As this happens we will be shown that the system is already reliant on the use of force and is not in right. I suggest people be tactical in how they approach this problem.

Court houses and the money mint have always been targets in war – starting a community currency and going back to the marae for tikanga / town hall for common law courts is the way forward.