The economic assassin, John Key has hit his target, and is making his get away before New Zealander’s notice

john key resignsJohn Key’s job is done. The TPPA was secretly enacted in parliament during the death and destruction of the earthquakes (starting the day before) and the appall of having an international arms fair held in Auckland complete with a foreign, probably nuclear carrying warship (starting the day after===). FYI the US warship was “redirected to the blast zone showing it’s real priority.

The triple whammy of events, all at the same time is akin to the shocks endured by the Argentinian populations during their recent banking fiascos. See the Shock Doctrine documentary based on the book from Naomi Klein. The science of shock shows that a population will normally accept what is unacceptable during a time of mass shock involving more than one thing.

The fact that New Zealand signed the TPPA independent of the most influential market (USA) should raise questions as to the treasonous motivations of those involved. Why did New Zealand enact the TPPA when the new president elect of the USA said he would kill it on his first day in office? Could it be that the same super banks, that John Key is part owner of, are positioned to usurp New Zealander’s of their national sovereignty and natural resources therein? The John Key loving corporate media hardly let out a squeak about the TPPAs enactment yet covered the other events in depth.

Why on earth would New Zealand permit the continued seismic blasting, and by foreign corporations, along vulnerable fault lines? It is a fact that sea life in the area declines 40-80% following seismic blasting.

I’ll tell you why: because this is a symptom of the TPPA and of a corporate “crown” pretending to be the elected government of a sovereign democratic nation.

John Keys resignation signals the release of public restraints upon him. He will be privately involved in the plunder of our nation. The effect of his actions have yet to be fully realized. While others may be celebrating the resignation of John Key I shed a tear for my beloved country and it’s people. He should be leaving office for a significant term of incarceration. The fact that he is not is reason for continued alarm at the direction that our country is headed in.