The economic assassin, John Key has hit his target, and is making his get away before New Zealander’s notice

john key resignsJohn Key’s job is done. The TPPA was secretly enacted in parliament during the death and destruction of the earthquakes (starting the day before) and the appall of having an international arms fair held in Auckland complete with a foreign, probably nuclear carrying warship (starting the day after===). FYI the US warship was “redirected to the blast zone showing it’s real priority.

The triple whammy of events, all at the same time is akin to the shocks endured by the Argentinian populations during their recent banking fiascos. See the Shock Doctrine documentary based on the book from Naomi Klein. The science of shock shows that a population will normally accept what is unacceptable during a time of mass shock involving more than one thing.

The fact that New Zealand signed the TPPA independent of the most influential market (USA) should raise questions as to the treasonous motivations of those involved. Why did New Zealand enact the TPPA when the new president elect of the USA said he would kill it on his first day in office? Could it be that the same super banks, that John Key is part owner of, are positioned to usurp New Zealander’s of their national sovereignty and natural resources therein? The John Key loving corporate media hardly let out a squeak about the TPPAs enactment yet covered the other events in depth.

Why on earth would New Zealand permit the continued seismic blasting, and by foreign corporations, along vulnerable fault lines? It is a fact that sea life in the area declines 40-80% following seismic blasting.

I’ll tell you why: because this is a symptom of the TPPA and of a corporate “crown” pretending to be the elected government of a sovereign democratic nation.

John Keys resignation signals the release of public restraints upon him. He will be privately involved in the plunder of our nation. The effect of his actions have yet to be fully realized. While others may be celebrating the resignation of John Key I shed a tear for my beloved country and it’s people. He should be leaving office for a significant term of incarceration. The fact that he is not is reason for continued alarm at the direction that our country is headed in.

Tangata whenua have started to sack the foreign crown courts

As the true history of the nation surfaces into common consciousness we will see more of what happened in Hawera District Court yesterday: the corporate imposters pretending to hold lawful courts in our land will be challenged and exposed.
crown court abandoned

In this example Kaitiaki (guardians) had allegedly removed Shell Todd Oil Service’s seismic survey pegs used as a forerunner to exploitation of our natural resources. Under Tikanga whanau/hapu the locals would be lawfully empowered to choose what to allow in their own territory. Under the TPPA foreign corportions will dictate exploitation or sue for phantom lost profits.

It is a natural next step as people realise that it is their duty to be guardians (kaitiaki) to the land for future generations. This system is designed to steal from, exploit all and usurp the people of the land.

The crown courts divide and conquer, target and silence, distract and weaken popular movements. The system has always put in place false courts of justice to quell the population and remove problematic leaders. Many revolutions have started with the sacking of foreign / puppet ran court houses.

The crown is using admiralty law which requires our consent (even if unknowing) to give them jurisdiction. More people are refusing to accept the crowns presumptions and require evidence of legitimacy. As this happens we will be shown that the system is already reliant on the use of force and is not in right. I suggest people be tactical in how they approach this problem.

Court houses and the money mint have always been targets in war – starting a community currency and going back to the marae for tikanga / town hall for common law courts is the way forward.

TPPA an excuse to pillage and plunder

Unlike Iraq (which was invaded by force, with bombs dropping out of the air, rocketed and shot in) the TPPA gives excuse for bombs to be hand delivered right into our own backyard. The same outcome will occur: extraction and exploitation of all available natural resources. If you have not yet realised, New Zealand is an occupied nation, the true nature of which will be revealed when we are beholden to these foreign interests for our most basic of necessities.
TPPA an excuse to plunder
More on the example from Taranaki here.

Right on cue: New Zealand Order members Richie and Dan support flag change

Bought and paid for members of the New Zealand order (global corporatocracy) Dan Carter and Richie Mccaw show their colors in trying to assist the jurisdiction change and TPPA takeover in Aotearoa / NuTireni commonly know as New Zealand. They’ll never lead a haka like Piri Weepu and Liam Messam but…

FYI The New Zealand Order of Merit stems back to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which is linked with other secret groups with the common agenda for global domination in private hands.

Players for country more than just shirt
Piri Weepu: leads a haka, fearless in criticism of the TPPA

Lessons from the blocked privatisation of water in Cochabamba

What was attempted (but blocked through people power) in Cochabamba, Bolivia had the same oppressive intentions as the TPPA for New Zealand. The TPPA agreement includes provisions for the use of doestic enforecment for international interests.

Watch this to understand why I’ve said: either way it’s going to hurt to throw this coup off our nations back but I believe it better that we do so now, before it is entrenched, than to be weakened into a state of helplessness and full dependence upon private interests for even our most basic of necessities.

FYI Had this foreign corporation had its way as dictated by the World Bank – the people of Cochabamba would have been prohibited from collecting even rainwater AND the cost of water would have been as much as 1/4 of a large segments income.

An end to these Crown pretenders in our land – starting with the courts

If you want to see the power of the 1834 He Whakaputanga flag versus all of the rest, take it into a Crown Court room and watch them panic. If you are in number you may stand strong, have the magi-strate run from the room and dismiss the case. This is not legal advice just my experience. Enough of their “make it up as you go” corporate legislation. It requires your entrapment and consent to be applied

Time to return to the marae and meeting halls for Tikanga / real Common law justice.  Lets start with public trials for John Key. There is enough evidence but of course he can be invited to stay in our land to mount his defence.

NB/ The marae needs to be used by tangata whenua (people of the land) and not ran by incorporated bodies registered to this Crown. I respect that we may have family members working in these trusts so lets be respectful to them as people and ask that they take those hats off at the appropriate times so that we can continue our heritage and protect all tangata whenua from any unjust oppression by the crown

ANALYSIS: 25000 strong protest in Auckland and where to now

There were a few encouraging things to happen yesterday.

1/ NUMBERS: The sheer number of protesters shows that we really do care and feel strongly about this issue. Estimated at 25,000

anti tppa march auckland


When you add the numbers up including protesters across the nation and from Kiwis overseas we are probably half way to achieving critical mass being 5% of the population actively opposing the TPPA. At this level we will have a 50% chance of success using non-violent civil disobedience but must not have our energy diverted chasing red hearings inside their constructed illusion.

2/ That protesters could be seen to include a broad cross section of the people.
march aucland tppa

A comprehensive study of the last 100 years of People v Oppressive regimes identifies the key factors in success:
a/ Size of participation (is it diverse and growing)?
b/ How are the enforcers reacting? What are the effects of the participation on security forces (are the declaring loyalty or watching)?
c/ How are people reacting to the repression (robust resilient determined)?
d/ Is the movement shifting methods? Sit ins, flash mobs, stay at home, general strikes versus being predictable?

Need to be doing well on 3-4 of these things to have a good chance at success.”

3/ IMPROVED MATURITY: That many if the protesters broke away into sub groups to close Aucklands CBD and motorways leading to the CBD down.

tppa block auckland
The leaders of this march were warned that the block needed to start days before but did not heed this. I believe the date of the protest was selected to make sure it did not interfere with the signing.

Onto it youths. blocking and using the correct flag
Onto it youths. blocking and using the correct flag

Forewarning was also sent that the blockades needed to be nationwide.  In the end the TPPA was signed at Villa Maria vineyard in Mangere.  Blockades need to be in place well in advance, nationwide or at least closing the airports and for a prolonged time (1 hour either side of working hours) days, weeks if required. Letting pedestrian and bike traffic through but no other motorised traffic.

4/ OFFSHORE SUPPORT: Kiwis living overseas are taking interest, and expressing support.
march perth

For those that are overseas please keep sharing information but also consider helping good initiatives financially. One that I recommend is help flooding NZ with the lawful 1834 flag.
Help show the world our lawful flag of 1834. Get as many as you can to Auckland before the signing. You can buy them on trademe here and even send them to your contacts there. FYI I have no financial interest in this.

If however you wish to help me I will need some skype credit for calls related to this in the coming weeks.  My paypal is:  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

The next big battle is our the flag: please educate each other as to the flags history and significance plus the remedy we already have at hand.

In my books there were approximately 50,000 heroes showing their rejected of the TPPA and the intended loss of sovereignty that it brought.

As I have written – legitimacy is the remedy in law also using the binding flag referendum result to prevent a claimed change of flag.

NB John also wins if people choose the Wellington Yatch club flag 1902 (current state flag__ if the public are not informed of the significance of the 1834 flag. He wouldn’t win in law but would through force and support.

The Rangitira have already given veto of the TPPA: now we just need to unify around this.

John Key cancels Waitangi appearance in fear of arrest

Despite heavy censorship from Google of facts exposing John Keys criminal history too many New Zealanders are now aware of is crimes.

This short video was taken down several times.


None more so than tangata whenua whom are aware that John Key and the parliament are trying to steal the nation and then hide the stolen “goods” in international legal fictions.  The TPPA is the very instrument attempting to do this in one foul swoop.

Last year the independent Waitangi Tribunal confirmed that tangata whenua (people of the land) never ceded sovereignty. I imagine John is actually have quite a bad day considering that the Rangitira (chiefs) just sent notice that they veto the TPPA for our nation.

Johns next move to is to convince us that we’ve changed the flag from the heralded 1834 He Whakaputanga flag.  Unfortunately that plan has already been foiled by their own binding referendum result!

It would have been great for John to be allowed at Waitangi for Waitangi day, to make his promises and for it to appear to the world that he has the support of the nation.  Unfortunately his security and legal team hae advised him that it’s not a good idea.

john cancelled waitangi

At a minimum he would get spat on, at worse he would be arrested and charged with more than one Bic biro pen could write in crimes.

That said, don’t trust that he won’t try to get his credibility up another way.  He’ll be kissing babies somewhere.

To stop it or to suffer from it